Two questions about headers and footnotes

I have two questions:

  1. I’m working on a long document which is divided into chapters. All pages have headers; but I would like the first page of each chapter to be without header. And I can’t discover any “different first page” feature in Papyrus. Is this simply not possible, or did I overlook something?

  2. Is there a possibility in Papyrus to number footnotes not by page or by document but by chapter?

And talking about footnotes: six years ago on this forum there was a long discussion about the possibility to spread a footnote between two pages, an option which the version of Papyrus of those days did not support. At this very moment, I’m trying out the brand new version 8, which adds a wealth of new features to the already excellent version 7, but again offers no additional support for footnotes. Is there any possibility that this will change in a future version of Papyrus, or is it better to forget about it?

Aw: Two questions about headers and footnotes

The feature you’re looking for is called “Stammseiten” and can be found in the “Dokument” menu. They are

page templates and you can assign a different template for every page, if you wish.

The essence of the discussion about footnotes spanning several pages was, as far as I remember,

that nobody would want to read them, so nobody should want to write them. If you really insist, you can

always generate a text style template (“Formatvorlage”) and add customized automatic numbers. This way

you’d also get the chance to reset the numbers at every chapter.

Aw: Two questions about headers and footnotes

If you just want to hide headers and footers on the first few pages of the document, then there’s no need to create a special template for this. Just tell Papyrus to display headers and footers starting at page number x.

In Papyrus 8 this was moved to Dokument > Layout > Seitennummern,

in earlier versions this could be found at Dokument > Dokument-Eigenschaften > Seitenoffsets.

Aw: Two questions about headers and footnotes

Which is certainly more elegant, but will not work for the first page of each chapter.