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Green vs Red Laser Levels: Comparing Their Pros and Cons

When searching for the best value laser level, you will likely want to compare the red with green laser beams because of their sharp contrasts and how such differences can affect the visibility and accuracies of results. Both red and green laser levels offer great results and both can be used for indoor and outdoor laser measurements. Fortunately, and unfortunately, both red and green lasers do come with their pros and cons, hence you need to find a product that will suit your immediate and future needs. The following are the pros and cons of red and green laser levels;

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What are the Pros of Green Laser Levels?


Green laser levels offer more visibility, that is, they are easier to see than red laser levels. The human eye is very sensitive to light and the wavelength and power output of green lasers are higher than red, blue, and violet; hence the eye will pick up green light quicker. Though the wavelength of visible lights is between 400 and 700 nm, the green laser light will always come out tops.

Another benefit of the green laser level should give you the courage to choose it, is that it is much better and more accurate for outdoor jobs. Green lasers can be detected easily in outdoor ambient light, and even when sunshine is making visibility difficult for red lasers. Green lasers are up to4 times brighter than red lasers and that is why green laser levels are more popular on construction sites and other outdoor jobs.

Green laser levels also reach farther ranges when compared to red lasers. With the aid of a receiver or detector, you can extend the range of your green lasers beyond 2,000 ft.

**What are the Disadvantages of Green Laser Levels? **

Green laser levels are more expensive than red laser levels because they cost more to make for manufacturers. They are made through the conversion of high-energy laser sources to a combined green laser, unlike a red laser that only requires a diode to project. For this reason, green laser levels are not common for indoor and home DIY projects, red laser levels are commonly used for such.

Another major disadvantage of green laser level is that it consumes more power and runs the laser level battery down quickly. Green laser levels have been found to drain batteries twice as fast as red laser levels and the reason being that the diodes required to project green lasers require more energy. Rotary green lasers are known to consume the most power among green laser level products because they rotate at an angle of 360 degrees at varying speeds.

Another likely disadvantage of green laser level is that it requires higher maintenance cost, especially when there is damage to its major internal part.

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What are the Pros or Advantages of Red Laser Levels?


Red laser levels are no doubt cheaper than green laser levels even when they produce the same results at certain conditions. Manufacturers find it easier to build red laser levels because they have lesser internal components and they have less-complicated diodes. A red cross line laser can handle the same work as a green cross line laser level indoors, but that may not be the same case outdoors. As a beginner, it is better to start with a red laser than a green laser level.

Another major advantage of the red laser level is that they are readily available everywhere. The higher demand for red lasers has brought down their prices, even novices can find them readily available. You can find red laser levels readily in hardware stores and online and there are lots of brands that you can compare to find your ideal laser level.

It is easier to maintain a red laser level since it comes with fewer components and it is less complicated.

What are the Cons of Red Laser Levels?

Red laser levels have shorter visibility hence they cover lesser ranges than the green laser levels. Since green lasers are the easiest for the human eye to pick followed by red lasers, 2 laser levels of the same capabilities will likely have green lasers traveling faster and red lasers. The visibility of your red laser is even shorter when you use it in bright sunlight outdoors.

Red lasers are not the ideal options outdoors. Through red lasers wouldn’t affect our night visions in the dark because they are brighter in such conditions, when you put it in sunlight conditions during the day, it becomes harder to detect the laser. Red laser levels are affected by bright lights with their brightness and accuracy becoming much less.

Red vs. Green Laser Levels: The Bottom Line

Whether you are using the red or green laser level, you must follow all rules and guidelines in the manuals of your product to ensure that you operate the device in the right way. Ignoring safety rules like wearing goggles and gloves can cause serious accidents while ignoring security and maintenance rules like shutting down your laser level before transportation can damage internal components. Even the best green beam laser level should be used with only recommended accessories. Using non-recommended accessories with your red or green laser level will not only affect your results, but it can also damage the device.

If possible, you should avoid repaired or refurbished red or green laser levels because they may come with missing parts or components that were not originally part of the device. You should rather focus on buying a budget-friendly, low-cost but new laser level than go for a refurbished laser level with little or no history of usage and maintenance.

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